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LG Refrigerator Repair  About Us in Vizag LG is the most trusted brand in India. They manufacture qualitative products for the customers. They providing refrigerators means it will be a good product. The usage of refrigerators is very high because it is a very important product to store food items. It protects the food items’ milk, curd, etc. The refrigerator is the only home appliance that runs 24/7. The refrigerators are mainly three types the different types of refrigerators contain different features.

Single door refrigerator

LG Refrigerator Repair  About Us in Vizag The single door refrigerators are the cheapest model in the refrigerators. It is small in size and capacity. These refrigerators are suitable for small families. It is very low in cost comparing to all other refrigerators. The major problems in these products are gas leakage. It contains only one door to the refrigerators in the same refrigerator they provided the door. It contains only cooling functions.

Double door refrigerator

The double-door refrigerators are the most using refrigerators. These are budgeted refrigerators it is suitable for both large and small families. It giving many features to the users. It mainly contains two doors the top one is the freezer and the bottom big one is for a normal refrigerator. LG Refrigerator Repair  About Us in Vizag This means they provided two separate doors for the freezer and refrigerator. This is the best refrigerator for middle-class people.

Side by side door refrigerator

The side by side door refrigerators is the most advanced refrigerators. It contains many new features and automatic functions. This is the most expensive refrigerator comparing to all other refrigerators. LG Refrigerator Repair  About Us in Vizag This refrigerator looks very stunning in design. It contains mainly two side-by-side doors in which one door used for the freezer and another door uses for a normal refrigerator. These refrigerators are providing the converter option to the users.

Features of refrigerator

Freezer converter option

The new side by side door refrigerators is coming with a wonderful technology called converter option. LG Refrigerator Repair  About Us in Vizag The user can convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator. This is very useful when the user brings more stuff to the house so he can easily convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator when the user can’t find enough storage inside the refrigerator. This is the best technology provided by the LG refrigerator.

Stabilizer free operation

The new generation refrigerators are coming stabilizers inside. Which don’t requires any outside stabilizers. These stabilizers can control all the current fluctuations. The stabilizers don’t require many repairs and replacements they also provide a warranty to the stabilizers. These stabilizers will protect the refrigerators from danger.

Door cooling with multi airflow

The new refrigerators they are coming with the technology called door cooling with multi airflow. This provides uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator. This refrigerator providing the multiple direction air inside the refrigerator this provides a uniform cooling with the multiple airflow vents which provide the cooling to every inch of the corner. This uniform cooling is 35% faster than other refrigerators.  These refrigerators consume very little electricity.

 Inverter linear compressor

In this new refrigerators are providing the inverter linear compressor. In normal other refrigerators, they don’t have an inverter linear compressor so they run at a fixed range for any kind of load. But these new refrigerators are run according to the load inside the refrigerator. This linear inverter saves electricity consumption and reduces the noise of the refrigerators. This is the best technology provided by the LG refrigerators.

Solar smart panel

The new LG refrigerators are coming with the solar panel top of the refrigerator. The solar panel takes the energy directly from the sun. This polar panel generates the DC voltage. But the solar charge controller makes the DC at a fixed voltage. So the refrigerator runs on the AC voltage instead of DC. This is a very useful feature and advanced feature.

Smart diagnosis for faster troubleshooting

The LG refrigerators providing the safety option called smart diagnosis which helps to fast and easy troubleshooting. The user only needs to do is call the LG customer care and placing the phone on the top of the refrigerators near the QR code then the refrigerator passes the information of the LG’s server within seconds and then LG customer care will provide you the safety guidelines to the customers. This is the best safety option provided in the refrigerator.

Best LED lightings

The new generation refrigerators are coming with the brand new LED lights. This provides the best brightness inside the refrigerator. This helps to see how much storage remaining in the refrigerator. These LED lights require fewer replacements and repair those that provide longevity. 

Moist balanced crispers and toughened glass

The LG refrigerators are coming with moist balanced crispers. As we all know the bottom-most compartment is known for storing vegetables and fruits.  These refrigerators are coming with latticed type’s crisper which maintains the moisture to the fruits and vegetables. For maintaining the food items fresh for a long time. And the toughened glass contains a capacity of 175 kgs. This can bear heavy food items without any problems. This is the strongest glass to store food items.

Benefits of our service

Value of money

100% customer satisfaction

Providing the all original spare parts

Door to door service

Experienced technicians

100% availability of the technicians

Providing the warranty to the services

About our service

We provide the best services to the customers with all original spare parts. We have well skilled and experienced technicians of more than 10 years. We have the best technical unit. We provide the services to the customers at doorsteps at affordable prices. We are one of the most trusted service providers in Hyderabad with a good reputation. We have customer care service they will provide the best information about our services. We provide the all original spare parts for your product and we charge extra for that. We only provide the services to out of warranty products only. We provide quick service to the customers and we have the best customer support for our service. We provide the service of 24/7 to the customers. We will reach you in any area of the Hyderabad. We strictly follow all Covid19 rules and take all the precautions of Covid19.

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